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Fleet owner benefits

Earn extra money

Make extra cash as a delivery fleet owner with Deliveoo.

Be the Boss

As a fleet owner you can work full time or part time. You decide!

Stay in control

Manage and monitor your fleet with ease.

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palm of your hand

Monitor sales and delivery orders, track your fleet, analyze rider/driver performance and more with our Deliveoo fleet App

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Key Features

Monitor your fleet

Monitor and track your fleet with ease. Deliveoo
provides you with the tools for easy visibility
of your fleet

Track sales

Easily monitor your sales and how much
you have made through different periods.

Maintenance alerts

Your App will alert you on maintenance due dates so you never miss this key performance activity.

On-demand support

We’ve got you covered for all your
technical and on call needs.

Revenue Potentials

Earn 70% of all delivery sales your fleet completes. With the help of our partnership program we help you keep your overall costs low.


on every delivery

Quality and Professional
Riders/Drivers in our Rider Network

We understand finding the right rider/driver is important to your success. We match you with riders/drivers in our network that we’ve certified and trained to be customer-focused.

Partnership Benefits

Our partnerships reduce your overall costs of
running and maintaining your fleet.

  • Fuel Program

  • Insurance Program

  • Vehicle Acquisition Program

  • Maintenance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this right for me?

If you wan to earn extra cash, run a successful service without the hustle, this is right for you.

Monthly Fees

No. You don’t pay Deliveoo any monthly fees.

How much can i make?

Earn 70% of all sales on each delivery your fleet completes.

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